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Nexen Tyre Offer

Nexen Tyre Offer

Quick Lane is currently offering a wide selection of offers across our Nexen tyres:

10% off all Nexen tyres, when buying a set of two

10% off wheel alignments when you buy two Nexen tyres

20% off all Nexen tyres, when buying a set of four

20% off wheel alignments when you buy four Nexen tyres

It’s as simple as that!

All Nexen tyres provide excellent handling and stability and many of their SUV and 4x4 tyres are original equipment for a number of vehicle manufacturers, including Porsche.

For over 70 years Nexen Tyres has been producing quality tyres that are now recognised around the world and currently offer the full range of quality tyres in the UK, including Ultra High Performance and SUV tyres, as well as family car and winter tyres, in 27 patterns and 200 sizes. As well as delivering the performance you require, Nexen tread patterns are designed to be fuel-efficient, with reduced noise and excellent water clearing properties.

Whatever you’re looking for in a tyre – quality construction, reliable handling or impressive performance – Nexen tyres will meet your needs.